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Washing Machines

Unifortes specializes in an industrial cleaning technology for Agro and Food production companies.  In the areas of Agro and Food, hygiene is extremely important and an excellent result is an absolute requirement. We offer turn-key solutions for handling the entire cleaning and drying process. Our product range varies from stand-alone crate washers to the turn-key delivery of a fully automated washing and handling plant.

Our all-round experience with cleaning technology in material handling projects enables Unifortes to provide her customers with high quality equipment, based on the most efficient and cost effective solutions, using the latest technology from our modern production facilities.

Unifortes offers smart cleaning solutions for every challenge in a production company.  Our focus is on efficiency, durability and hygiene while at the same time being user friendly.  In order to maintain our strong position in the market, Unifortes will continuously develop and introduce new technologies for the world of Agro and Food, making perfect cleaning possible.

With the Unifortes Test Centre, the bar is set even higher to offer the customer the possibility of performing cleaning and drying trials with their own products to their satisfaction, simulating the level of pollution and capacity during actual production.  Unifortes can provide laboratory and testing reports for official documentation to support and underpin investment.